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Camp Introduction

In the hills of northern Italy, 135 people from 45 countries came together for Tactical Tech's 'Info-Activism Camp 2013: Evidence & Influence', from June 23-30.

 No keynotes, no conference rooms, no powerpoint presentations. And no meat (yes, really, no meat).

People at Camp - Brice Tetka

We asked a few of the track and lab facilitators, and a few of the Camp participants, some questions about themselves, their work, what they did at camp and what they came away with at the end of the week.

Jean Brice Tetka is a programmer and activist from Cameroon, and is the founder of the Cameroon-based Social Innovation for Development Lab (SIDlab) as well as a non-profit organisation called Anti Corruption (www.kick-corruption.org). He also volunteers for several other organisations in Cameroon.

Evening activities

The learning and fun didn't stop when the labs were finished for the afternoon -- there was a packed programme each evening. Evening activities were suggested and run by participants, so we ended up with a diverse array of workshops, sporting events, shared cinemas and musical performances.

Micro Magazine

Throughout the camp, there was a team of volunteer campers busily working away conducting video and audio interviews of their fellow participants. Everyone at camp had fascinating stories to tell, and there were some amazing projects being worked on. The aim was to collect and document some of these stories and projects while we had everyone together in one place.

Skill Shares

Skill shares are an important aspect of our Camp model. Premised on the belief that everyone has something to share and teach, skill shares squarely challenge the idea of 'experts' and enabled participants to become facilitators. Skill shares happened every afternoon before the labs. It was an hour when anyone who wanted to could offer to teach, talk about or train on anything they wanted. This allowed for a wide variety of discussions and exchanges in small groups or pairs. Here's a selection of some of the skill shares that were run:

Lab summaries

Each afternoon, campers chose a lab to join. Labs lasted three hours and provided time to get hands-on and practical with specific skills and approaches to working with information. The main four labs that ran all week are included, other labs covered