The History

Gathering together people with different and complementary skills and experience, and inspiring collaboration has always been a cornerstone of Tactical Tech's work. These events inform the direction of our own work, supporting advocates, and help to shape the field. Since the organisation was founded in 2003, Tactical Tech has organised more than a hundred different events, from large to small, and trained several thousand advocates.

In 2009 we, together with Aspiration, hosted the first ever Info-Activism Camp which pushed the frontiers of the then young field of information and technology advocacy. 125 designers, techies, hackers, activists and journalists from around the world spent seven days in India sleeping in large tents, battling the heat, working hard, and having a lot of fun. Out of this camp emerged a strong network of info-activists, a number of new projects and initiatives, as well as a film (10 Tactics for Turning Information into Action) that was screened by many of the participants around the world (220 times).

Our events are known for their uniquely hands-on ethos, open-learning framework and participation. They do not resemble conferences in any shape or form. There are no plenaries, notepads or panel discussions. But there are good times! For more information, read about the Info-Activism Camp 2009 in India, the Visualising Women's Rights camp 2010 in Jordan, and the source camps