People at Camp - Lucy Chambers

We asked a few of the track and lab facilitators, and a few of the Camp participants, some questions about themselves, their work, what they did at camp and what they came away with at the end of the week.

Lucy Chambers runs two of Open Knowledge Foundation's biggest projects – Open Spending ( and School of Data ( About her job, she says: "In a nutshell, the thing I am responsible for is helping people who need to use data – mainly journalists and NGOs - so they actually learn the skills they need and can get useful stuff out of the data they have." She's a skilled techie to non-techie translator, puts people in touch with the resources they need, and explains how to use them in a straightforward way.

 "I got way more out of Camp than I thought I was going to," she says. "I had no idea what was going to was amazing to get the opportunity to run a data expedition with so many people who are exactly our target audience. We've also had offers to do the same kind of data expeditions in other places."

 "I have millions of new ideas... I learnt all manner of things, for example we had a really good session about Maltego – an application that analyses networks and spider crawls the internet picking up accounts that are linked to a particular person e.g. a LinkedIn profile, email addresses, etc.... Then all of these amazing tutorial ideas I picked up for School of Data, for example what kinds of data you can get out of the metadata of documents. Other examples are how you can use business registers to follow the money. There was some nice mapping stuff, in particular how to use GPS. Even though I sometimes teach mapping, it was the first time I had held a GPS!”

 And the Camp highlight? "Generally feeling incredibly healthy and happily overloaded with information."




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