People at Camp - Angela Morelli and Tom Halsor

We asked a few of the track and lab facilitators, and a few of the Camp participants, some questions about themselves, their work, what they did at camp and what they came away with at the end of the week.

Angela Morelli and Tom Halsor were the experienced information designers and teachers guiding participants through the afternoon Visual Presentation lab.

 Angela's specific area of interest is in communicating science, and at the moment she works with scientists at the Knowledge Centre in Oslo, Norway, on communicating medical information to doctors, patients and policy makers.

 Gaber - Tom - Mushon - AngelaTom heads up Norway's biggest design festival, Grafill Edit, and works at the Norwegian broadcaster, helping journalists visualise news. He's also been a special advistor with Statistics Norway, working on visualising big data.

 Both teach information design and how to communicate science for designers and non-designers in Oslo, London, and elsewhere.

 "The Visual Presentation Lab wasn't about hands-on learning about software," Tom says. "We started with how to give visualisation that extra thing to turn it into knowledge."

 The lab ran through collaborative digital mapping, manipulating the meaning of data, storytelling and data visualisation. "We tried to force participants to organise a visual narrative and sequence. We used Mikel (Maron)'s data set which he collected at camp showing patterns of internet use across the camp venue through out the week.... [and] everyone had to make a book based on this data."

 For Tom, the highlight of the camp was that they had to "embrace flexibility and understand the different needs day-by-day and build each lab on the day."

 "It stretched my psychological system in every possible way! You had to understand how to turn the participants into facilitators and trust the power of the participants... diversity can be a problem in such a setting, but here it was more like a positive explosion of creativity."

 "Immediately after camp we gave a course in London and... made sure that everyone in the session talked and collaborated. The main thing was learning to embrace and play with the situation and not teach in the traditional way."

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