Our Evidence and Influence Micro-magazine is a compilation of multi-media stories about and by the participants who attended Tactical Tech's Info-Activism Camp 2013.

Spanning issue areas reflected in the Camp participants’ work  − environmental justice, gender-based violence, transparency and accountability, protest − each Micro-magazine issue features stories about how info-activists around the world are combining information with and imagination and creativity to move evidence-based advocacy forward.

The first issue tells stories about those working on environment rights and justice advocacy using information and digital technologies.

The second issue of the Evidence & Influence Micro-magazine documents the work of five Campers on the issue of gender-based violence through technology as well as the greater inclusion of women's perspectives in activism and social change.

In the third issue of the Camp Micro-magazine we 'peer through the looking glass' and have Campers describe the transparency and accountability initiatives they are working on.
The final issue centres around the theme of 'Protest' where five campers spoke about their personal experiences of the protests they've been a part of over the past three years.

Have a look through our past four Issues of the Micro-magazine and let us know what you think!